How To Treat Cancer Cells in Liver through Surgery or Transplant?

How To Treat Cancer Cells in Liver through Surgery or Transplant?

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Liver cancer is caused when the liver cells become cancerous. Hence, it is important for you to treat the liver cells on an immediate basis. Cancerous cells are divided into two different types:

Primary cancer and secondary cancer

Most cases of cancer reported in UK are secondary cancer. This means symptoms of cancer has initiated in some other parts of the body. This cancer cells then spread to liver causing damage in liver. Such kind of cancer cells are termed as secondary cancer cells.

In the case of primary cancer, the cancer is caused in liver. The only possible way to remove the cancer cells is through surgery. In case surgery can be avoided, then you need to stick to various treatment methods such as ablation through radio frequency, chemo therapy and injection of ethanol to blood cells.

Treatment for primary stage liver cancer

In case you are diagnosed with liver cancer treatment and wish to gain effective method of treatment, then it is important for you to get in touch with a team of doctors who can effectively work on this for you.

The team will include the following specialist:


Specialist in liver disease

An expert in treating disease in the digestive system

Cancer specialist

Specialist in X-ray analysis

Kind of treatment method

The kind of treatment that will work towards curing your primary level cancer is dependent on various factors such as:

Type of cancer

Stage of your cancer cell

Working condition of your liver

General health and well being

Opting for surgical method

The best and effective liver cancer treatment is to go for surgical method. This is the best option if the cancer cells have not spread to other parts in the body. Two of the best possible options are as follows:

Liver transplant

Surgery that removes cancer cells from liver

In most cases, your specialist will go ahead with liver cancer treatment through surgery only if the cancer cells have not spread to other parts of the body. This can be deducted in the very early stages of cancer.

Liver transplant

Liver transplant is usually advised on patient who has long term damage with liver. In such cases it results in the formation of cancer cells. Liver transplant is suggested in any of the following cases:

Single liver tumor

5 tumors that are 3cm across or less

Single tumor that has not grown more than 6 months

Liver transplant is helpful if you have a donor with all the matching credentials.

Liver resection

Liver resection is another method of surgery that will help with removing liver cancer. However, a final call whether to go ahead with surgery will be taken by your specialist based on the size of cancer cells.

A surgery can help in removing more than 80% of your liver tissue. This is not a tough task as the tissues tend to grow back to normal size in a couple of months letting the patient gain normalcy.

This is advised only if the liver cell is not infected with cirrhosis.

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