Knowing All about Liver Cancer Symptoms

Knowing All about Liver Cancer Symptoms:

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Liver cancer is basically the abnormal growth of liver cells (cancerous in nature) inside the liver. These cells later cause destruction to the adjacent tissues and can keep spreading to other organs of the body. The cancer symptoms usually do not appear in the early stages so most people get diagnosed at an advanced stage. Nevertheless, it is very important to try and look out for smallest signs of liver cancer and consult the doctor.

Liver Cancer Symptoms


Though we cannot see any prominent symptoms of liver cancer in the early stages, there are a few signs that you can look out for to be on the safer side. Here are some of the major symptoms of liver cancer:

Loss of appetite – reduced hunger

Nausea and vomiting – feeling nauseous and vomiting frequently unrelated to any known conditions

Weight loss – losing weight without even trying

Abdominal pain or pain near the right shoulder – bloating or continuous pain in the abdomen or at your right shoulder blade

Feeling too full after a small meal – you feel full after eating too little

Itching – itchiness in your body

Enlarged spleen – feeling of the presence of a mass under your left rib

Swelling or build up of fluid in the abdomen – abdominal swelling due to fluid build up

Enlarged liver – feeling of the presence of a mass under your right rib

Jaundice – yellow coloration of skin and eyes, due to improper functioning of the liver

Fever – fever that is not related to other conditions

Weakness and fatigue – persistent weakness and fatigue

Some other symptoms include:

Enlarged veins – enlarged veins on the belly that can be clearly seen through the skin

Abdominal bleeding or bruising – bruises or bleeding in your abdomen

Cirrhosis or chronic hepatitis – in case of liver cancer, people with this condition may tend to feel more worse

These above mentioned symptoms can be due to some liver diseases or infections. If these conditions do not subside and continue to worsen, it is definitely liver cancer and you must see the doctor.

Paraneoplastic syndromes

There are rare cases when disorders develop due to liver cancer. Paraneoplastic syndromes usually cause symptoms in the other parts of your body. Some of the Paraneoplastic syndromes that are related to liver cancer are:

Hypercalcemia – this is a condition where the blood calcium levels are very high

Erythrocytosis – in this condition, the red blood cell count goes too high

Gynecomastia – this is a condition of breast enlargement

Hypoglycemia – when your blood sugar levels are low, it means you have hypoglycemia

Hypercholesterolemia – this means your cholesterol levels are too high

Testicles shrinking in men

If you are aware of these symptoms, which occur during the early stages, then it will help in the early diagnosis of liver cancer.


Liver cancer symptoms are difficult to identify but if you are aware of the above factors and early signs, you can get checked and prevent the cancer from advancing to the next stages.

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