Common Symptoms and Health Deficiencies for Liver Cancer

Common Symptoms and Health Deficiencies for Liver Cancer

liver cancer symptoms

Liver cancer also known as hepatic cancer is a very rare case. As per recent research it is found that people infected with liver cancer are less compared to other syndromes related to cancer. The most common ways by which liver could be affected is either through cancer cells that arise in liver or through cancer formed in other parts of the body that later spread towards liver.

According to a recent report published in US, most liver cancer patients were prone to cancerous cells in other parts of the body that later spread to liver. Only 2% of the population was directly infected with direct attack to liver.

Reason for liver cancer

The most common reason that causes cancer in liver is the existence of hepatitis. A person who is affected with hepatitis and is not taking treatment for the same is at the risk of getting infected to cells that will later work towards spreading cancer.

Symptoms of liver cancer

In case of liver cancer it is an evident factor that the signs and symptoms of the disease do not show up in the early stages. There are very rare cases where in there have been signs shown during the early stages and appropriate treatment methods been initiated.

Below mentioned are few common liver cancer symptoms:

  • Weight loss without any efforts from patient
  • Shooting pain in abdomen
  • Feeling full while completing half meal
  • Complete loss of appetite
  • Itching and skin turning yellowish

These are the most common symptoms of liver cancer while there are few other symptoms that should never be ignored. Such kind of unusual liver cancer symptoms are:

  • Fever
  • Veins that get enlarged and can be seen through the skin
  • Bleeding in abdomen
  • Causes of liver cancer
  • The most prominent reason towards the formation of liver cancer is as follows:
  • Birth defects in liver
  • Continuous exposure to alcohol and smoking
  • Disease and chronic infection such as hepatitis B and C
  • Cirrhosis

Hepatitis B and C can cause primary damage of cells and stop liver from continuing its regular operation in body. People who regularly consume alcohol are prone to the infection of cancer cells in liver which will later affect mobility and normal living.

Factors for liver cancer

Other than the most common symptoms, there are few other risk factors that will ultimately result in the causing liver cancer in a human being. This includes the following risk factors:

Sex: It is a common factor that men are two times prone to getting affected with liver cancer cells than women

Weight: In case you are an obese, then you hold a higher chance to getting infected with liver cancer cells.

Race: This is an interesting factor, as in the US Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are mostly prone to liver cancer than other race.

Use of steroid: Do not make use of any kind of steroid for body and muscle building as they will result in affecting your liver on the long run.

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